What are run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres are designed to allow cars to be driven safely in the event of a puncture for around 50 miles at a reduced speed of up to 50mph depending on the tyre manufacturer. It is best to check your owners handbook for accurate run flat distances.

In recent years, the number of cars using run flat tyres has greatly increased. The majority of BMW and Mini vehicles are now fitted with run flat tyres as standard. However, some people do prefer to change their run flats back to the standard tyres. Whilst this is a service that GP tyres can provide for you, we recommend that you speak to the vehicle’s manufacturer in advance. When a vehicle is designed to be fitted with run flat tyres as standard, in order to improve the ride quality, the suspension system is tuned to incorporate them into the design. By changing the tyres back to conventional tyres it could adversely affect handling and performance.

Unlike regular tyres, they incorporate a significantly strengthened sidewall and are designed to be self-supporting so that in the event of a puncture, they can continue to function with reduced or even zero pressure.

Run flat tyres work in conjunction with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Without TPMS you could be unaware of a loss of pressure and might exceed the safety limit speed imposed by the manufacturer. This would eventually cause the tyre to fail.

The benefits of run flat tyres

  • No need to change a wheel at the roadside. Obviously, this can be dangerous, especially on a fast road or in bad visibility or at night.
  • Keep control of your vehicle. Whilst a puncture is usually more of an inconvenience and unwanted expense, the dangers involved with a tyre failure at high speed are far more serious. The greatest danger is the loss of control of the vehicle. This occurs when the sidewall of the tyre, which is usually kept secure against the rim by the internal air pressure, becomes separated from the rim flange and drops into the well of the wheel
  • No spare wheel in the boot. Run flat tyres mean there is no need for a spare wheel in the boot of your car which can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle therefore giving you better fuel economy and more space in the boot.

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