Are your prices fully inclusive of Mobile Tyre Fitting, Valve, Balancing and tyre disposal?

Yes. Tyre prices quoted are always fully inclusive of mobile tyre fitting, new valves (excluding metal valves or pressure sensor valves), electronic wheel balancing and tyre disposal.

I don’t live in the area you cover but I do work in it. Can I still book you?

Yes. Your invoice address doesn’t need to be the fitting address. Please double check the ‘Areas We Cover’ page.

What payment methods do you accept when you replace or repair my tyres.

We accept all major Debit or Credit cards but we do not accept American Express or Cheques under any circumstances. We will accept cash if you are unable to pay by Debit or Credit card but please note our we do not carry change.

Is my credit card transaction secure?

All online card payments made to GP Tyres are retrieved via a high security server.

How do I find my tyre size ?

The only way you can accurately find your tyre size is to look on the sidewall of your tyre. Many tyre websites have software that looks up your tyre size from your vehicle registration or model. It has been tested and this software is not always accurate.  Sometimes you will get the correct size but when tested, it was often wrong.

How quickly can you replace my tyres if I book today ?

Most of our tyre replacement bookings can be done the following day or any day onwards including Saturday mornings.

Same day may be available depending on what tyres you need and how busy we are. For same day, we suggest you contact us as early as possible. If we are unable to schedule your fitment for same day we will advise and discuss whatever options we have to get your tyres replaced as quickly as possible.

It is very difficult to specify an exact time as we can encounter many things that may change the way we schedule the work up until the last minute. If you need to have the work done AM, PM, outside of school run times or lunch hours then there are various options available.

I need to change the time or date of my booking, is this possible?

Yes. We understand  that everyone’s plans can change unexpectedly from time to time and we will be happy to try and accommodate any difficulties you may experience in keeping a specific time. We would politely ask for as much notice time as possible in order for us to plan rerouting or book another customer into your time slot. Less than three working day hours notice may result in a cancellation charge.

What if I need to cancel my booking with you?

If you would like to cancel your order with us there may be a cancellation fee of £50.00 if done so at short notice. 

Can my puncture be repaired?

Most probably, yes. All puncture repairs carried out by GP Tyres are done so in compliance with British Standard BS AU 159. We will remove the tyre from the wheel and fully inspect any damage and decide whether a puncture can be repaired. If the puncture is in the shoulder or side-wall of the tyre it cannot be repaired.

What is the cost of a puncture repair?

Our puncture repair service costs a fraction of the price of a new tyre at only £20.  This includes the cost of the repair, our friendly, personalised mobile service, a new valve and balancing of the wheel.

Are you able to fit run flat tyres?

Yes, unlike many other mobile tyre fitting companies, we do have  the appropriate equipment to fit run flat tyres.   

Are my tyres guaranteed?

The tyres we supply and fit are guaranteed for the legal life of the tyre (down to 1.6mm of tread depth). In the event of any suspected manufacturer defect, the tyre would firstly need to be removed from the wheel and then sent to the manufacturer or their appointed agent for inspection. This guarantee does not cover punctures, accidental damage or any other damage that is not a defect in the tyres construction.

How much space do you require in order to work on my vehicle?

Very little. We frequently work on vehicles parked in fairly tight car parks. Generally speaking, if there is enough room on each side to open the door and enter the vehicle, we will be able to proceed.

I have an inclined gravelled driveway, is this OK to work on?

Yes, in most circumstances. If there is any doubt as to the suitability of a surface in terms of safety, we will ask you to move the vehicle to a more suitable area.

Do you fit or repair tractor and agricultural tyres?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the facilities to deal with these types of vehicles.

My caravan/motorhome is kept in storage. Can you change the tyres there?

Yes. As long as you can arrange entrance to the storage site for the tyre fitting vehicle.  

Do you replace tyres on motorbikes?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the facilities to deal with motorbikes.

I have purchased my tyres already from another company. How much will you charge me to fit them?

Please contact GP Tyres to discuss this and arrange fitment.

Are you able to  fit centreless alloys?

Unfortunately no.  We do  not have the equipment to fit centreless alloys.

I have recently had my tyres changed or a puncture repaired and the ‘Check Tyre Pressure’ indicator is still showing.

If you have had a tyre changed or had a puncture repaired and the ‘Check Tyre Pressure’ message or symbol is still showing, it may need to be reset.

The reset procedure varies for different vehicles, it is best to check the owners’ handbook for the exact reset procedure for your vehicle, but it can often be performed in the following ways:

  • Some vehicles reset automatically after about 15 miles of driving. 
  • Some vehicles in particular early BMW Minis have a button under the handbrake which is pressed while the ignition is switched on and held down until the indicator goes away. 
  • Some vehicles are reset by entering the menu through the trip computer or the satnav and navigating to the ‘Tyre Pressure Indicator Reset’ or a similarly named option. 

It is good practice to check and inflate all four tyres to the recommended pressures before performing the reset procedure.

The reset procedure often memorises the current tyre pressures, and if any of them are low, you risk memorising an incorrect pressure for other wheels on the vehicle. 

I have reset the ‘Check Tyre Pressure’ indicator but it has come back on after a few miles.

If you have reset the ‘Check Tyre Pressure’ indicator and it has come back on, it is important to check the air pressure inside all four tyres. It is possible that one of the other tyres on the vehicle has a fault and may need inspecting. Please check the air pressure and inflate the tyres as necessary and arrange for any tyre losing air pressure to be inspected by GP Tyres.


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