Motorhome tyres with mobile fitting

Motorhome tyres with mobile fitting It is vital to regularly check your motorhome tyres, including the spare tyre, to ensure they are in good condition.

Motorhome tyres that are on a stationary vehicle are likely to age more quickly than those in regular use. Tyres that are exposed to coastal air are also prone to faster ageing.

Choosing the correct tyres for your motorhome The tyres originally fitted to your motorhome are usually of a “Light Commercial” (C) category. They are designed to cater for the higher loads imposed by motorhomes. Keep to the original spec of the vehicle, do not replace tyres with a lower speed or load rating.

It is recommended that changes in tyre size or type should not be undertaken without seeking advice from the specific motorhome manufacturer, as the effect on handling, safety and clearance must be taken into account before making any change.

How old are my motorhome tyres? GP Tyres recommend that motorhome tyres are changed at least every five years as even if the vehicle has not covered a lot of miles and the tyres don’t look worn they will still have deteriorated. Like all tyres, motorhome tyres will perish with age and can become distorted if they are under-inflated.

How to work out how old your motorhome tyres are The date a tyre was manufactured is shown on the sidewall markings of all motorhome tyres as part of the DOT (U.S. Department of Transport) code, which can be found close to the wheel rim.

Dot code explained An example code is DOT A87C DEF 0814.

DOT stands for U.S. Department of Transportation
A8 is the factory code where the tyre was manufactured
7C is the size code
DEF is the optional code that refers to a brand or other characteristics specific to the tyre
0814 is week eight of 2014, this indicates the calendar week and the year when the tyre was manufactured

A small number of tyres may not have a DOT code but in these cases the date the tyre was manufactured may still be shown elsewhere on the tyre. For example, 4214 would be the 42nd week of 2014.

Overloading Motorhome tyres

It is vital that you use the correct tyres for the vehicle. The load index for your tyre can be found on the sidewall of all motorhome tyres after the size coding and in front of the speed letter code. This load rating is a very important factor with all motorhome tyres as it determines the maximum weight each tyre is able to carry.

It is not advisable to compromise the handling and safety of your motorhome by fitting a regular car tyre instead of a properly load rated motorhome tyre. In fact in most cases this is actually a false economy, because there is little or no difference in price.

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